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Air Conditioners

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Phoenix Air Conditioning and Air Conditioners

Phoenix-west area homes have a central air conditioning system for cooling and usually a furnace for heating. This is known as a split-system since the main cooling equipment known as your condensing unit is located outside the home and the furnace is inside. Package units are different where the cooling and heating equipment are housed together.

The condensing unit is typically set on a slab next to the home’s foundation. It’ll contain the compressor that pumps refrigerant through the lines. Also, it will contain the condenser, the outside coil, and a fan. Within your home the gas furnace heats air and also contains the inside coil.

Install & Repair of Air Conditioning Units in Phoenix

The inside coil is known as a cased coil if it is housed in it’s own small cabinet. It’s also sometimes known or referred to as an “A-coil” because of it’s shape. If your home does not have a furnace, if you don’t have a heat source or use an alternative form of heat, then the inside unit in a central air conditioning split system will be an air handler. Both gas furnaces and air handlers have a powerful blower that circulates air through a home’s duct work.

Phoenix air conditioning systems with gas furnaces are still quite efficient, and somewhat common in the Phoenix area. Even though we don’t have as much need for heat as other states excluding Arizona. These systems offer affordable and precise climate control and are easy to use and maintain.

The Importance of Having the Right Size Central Air Conditioner

Most central air conditioners for residential use are between 1.5 ton (18,000 Btuh) and 5.0 ton (60,000 Btuh) capacity, and will be adequate for most homes. Although some very large homes require more than one unit to cool different areas of the house. In Phoenix, it is essential that we have a unit with enough capacity to adequately cool our homes. An undersized unit will work too hard and still won’t do the job; an oversized unit will be inefficient and waste money.

Is your Air Conditioner properly heating and cooling your home?

The square footage of your home is a large factor in correctly sizing the unit you need. A much more accurate strategy is to have a qualified contractor do a detailed load calculation that takes all of the factors into account including the type and number of windows you have, the home’s insulation, the exterior of the home, and more. Since we rely on our central air conditioners greatly from spring through fall, it is vital to get the size correct!

Phoenix Air Conditioner Prices

The cost of air conditioners is based on 5 primary factors.

  • Efficiency:
  • Capacity:
  • Brand:
  • Time of Year:
  • Amount of Labor and Material: needed for Installation: More labor and materials equals a higher price.

Air Conditioner Contractors in Phoenix

Our goal with Phoenix HVAC is to make it easy for you to get in touch with licensed and qualified contractors that you can rely on. We’ll reliably fix or replace your central air conditioner split system.

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