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Tips for Finding a Phoenix HVAC Contractor

Tips for Finding a Phoenix HVAC Contractor

Here in Phoenix we rely heavily on our central air conditioning systems. When they show signs of failing, we need to be able to quickly find a reliable HVAC contractor to handle the ac repair or replace our system as soon as possible. Being without an air conditioner when it is 110 degrees outside is unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst.

In this Phoenix HVAC article, we want to share some proven hiring tips, that will no doubt, help you quickly find a quality Phoenix Area HVAC Contractor you can depend on to do a good job.

Ask Friends and Family for Suggestions

Those in your social network can offer firsthand experience of contractors they’ve used. You’ll hear about some you should consider along with a few to avoid. Keep asking others until you have a list of 5-7 local Phoenix contractors that show potential.

Check the Better Business Bureau

See how those Phoenix contractors stack up with the BBB in our local area. If you don’t find any problems, keep them on the list.

Read Reviews if Available

Right here at the Phoenix HVAC Guide we offer reviews on many of the contractors in the Valley. These reviews are submitted by local residents who have had work done in their homes by these contractors, so are very helpful. Use these last 2 tips to narrow your list to 3 or 4 contractors to contact. It is always important to get written estimates from at least 3 contractors to ensure that you will find the best service and pricing available.

Ask the Short List of Contractors These Important Questions

  1. How long have you been in the HVAC business? Time has a way of weeding out poorly performing HVAC companies. A Phoenix-area HVAC contractor that has been in business for a significant length of time has proven their commitment to excellence and will have a wealth of experience.
  2. May I see your license and certificate of insurance? Never let a contractor who is not insured work in your home. If they or a person on their crew are injured, they may seek to hold you liable! Only allow properly licensed and insured contractors to work for you.
  3. Will you pull permits so the work can be inspected? This is essential. Don’t allow any contractor to do your work without a permit from your local building department. A permit will assure that the work will be inspected to make sure that it complies with building codes – meaning that it is done correctly and will be safe, while working properly. Improperly installed heating and cooling systems represent dangers that include carbon monoxide leaks, gas leaks and electrical fires.
  4. Do you do background checks and require drug tests? When you consider that the company employees will be working in your home, you will recognize the importance of this question. Having the assurance that only properly screened technicians will be working on your system is essential.
  5. Are you and your crew NATE certified? NATE is the HVAC industry’s professional organization that offers standardized testing. A NATE-certified technician has demonstrated the knowledge and skill required to successfully install and repair HVAC systems.
  6. Will you complete a load calculation? A load calculation uses industry standards known as Manual D and Manual J to analyze the heating and cooling needs of your home to determine the proper size system. A HVAC system with a heating and cooling capacity that is too low won’t properly heat and cool your home. A system that is too large will waste your money and may fail mechanically. Even if a system is being replaced, ask the contractor to do a new load calculation rather than simply install the same size unit.

Evaluate your Research and Choose with Confidence

Give consideration to those metropolitan Phoenix HVAC contractors who give you satisfactory answers to your questions. As part of the process, be sure to request written estimates from 3 contractors or more. Let them all know that you plan to get 3 free estimates from local Phoenix area contractors so that they will “sharpen their pencils” and give you the best possible estimates.

What Other Contractor Hiring Tips Would You Share?

If we missed any helpful advice for finding a quality Phoenix HVAC contractor, take a minute and share it with us below. Join the discussion and add your comments. They are highly valued, and may help your neighbors here in the Valley find the right contractor to take care of their heating and cooling needs!

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